overseas Consultancy

Overseas Links Ltd is an established company with advancing leadership through education, exchange, training & study tour and development programs in more than 20 countries. In last four years we have hold many training and study tour programs in many counties like USA, Australia, United Kingdom Philippines, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea etc. Overseas Links ltd welcomes inquiries from members of the press, NGO, Multinational and Government’s peoples. Our global staff and faculty and foreign vendors are available to speak about World Learning's projects and programs as well as to provide comment on a wide range of topics. We envision a just world, driven by engaged citizens and thriving communities. Our mission is to empower people and strengthen institutions through education, development, training & study tour and exchange programs. Our impact - Each year, World Learning brings many leaders from around the world to different countries for international exchanges and training. We offer short-term learning experiences for individuals seeking professional development through links to different countries and international vendors, new insights, and a broader view of core values and culture. Academic exchanges place international students in abroad colleges and universities to strengthen their leadership and career-specific skills while they explore our culture. On our youth programs, young people from around the globe learn about leadership, current issues, and peace building. Our aim is to provide comfortable, secured and ultimate in high travel, tour & training condition and security within a limited, down to the earth investment. It takes a global presence to have a global impact. Since its founding, Overseas Links Ltd has built this presence through local networks and programs in dozens of countries, transforming countless lives in the Bangladesh and abroad. Your participation and financial support allows us to build on years of success and to have an even greater impact in those areas in which we are already so strong. It allows us to foster new generations of people with the skillets and mindsets to be effective global leaders and citizens.

Overseas Links Ltd